Ivanovic Lab                   B randeis University, Biochemistry Department

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2017-10-05 Tijana wins a 2017 NIH Director's New Innovator Award (NIH Common Fund DP2)!

2017-08-03 Meisui and Eli present posters at the SciFest VII

2017-06-01 Tian joins the lab. Welcome Tian!

2017-05-30 Elias starts QBREC Summer Research Project. Welcome Eli!

2017-04-26 Tijana and Ben Rogers win a Provost's Research Award

2017-03-20 Meisui wins a MRSEC SMURF fellowship!

2016-09-01 Meisui joins the lab. Welcome Meisui!

2016-01-01 The first day of Ivanovic lab

2015-11-01 Tijana wins a NSF Brandeis BioInspired Soft Materials MRSEC Seed grant

2017-10-05 NIH Director’s high-risk research awards announced for 2017 - Congratulations Tijana!

2017-09-21 Lab lunch

2017-08-03 Brandeis ScieFest VII. Good job Meisui and Eli!

2017-03-20 Meisui wins a 2017 MRSEC Summer Materials Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Meisui!

2017-02-24 Amal Rahmeh visits the lab and gives a talk for the Biochemistry and Biophysics Seminar Series